Recreational vehicles alias “RV’s” can be loads of fun. They are treated as big financial investments and a major loss if you have not insured the vehicle properly. There are several different types of RV insurance policies. These insurance schemes are critical because conventional auto insurance and/or home insurance plans will not cover all physical damages or liabilities on your RV. A lot of people are unaware of the fact that recreational vehicles can include motor homes, campers and 5th wheels. Regardless of the RV you own, make sure the vehicle is carefully insured.

About Texas RV Insurance Policies

As mentioned previously, Texas RV insurance policies from companies like are not equivalent to home or auto insurance. It is a separate scheme for recreational vehicles and motor homes. Some insurance service providers will let you include non-motorized vehicles (such as a pull a long trailer or a 5th wheel) to your auto insurance plans. However, motor home recreational vehicles cannot be covered using normal policies.

Basic Texas RV insurance coverage’s are more-or-less the same. This means, the RV insurance will pay for injuries, damages and other losses covered by the policy. Basic RV insurance plans take care of personal injury protection, medical payments, labor/towing charges, rental reimbursements, uninsured/underinsured motorist charges and collision/comprehensive costs. Just like conventional auto insurance policies, RV insurance plans have basic financial limits.

Replacement Cost Coverage

Motor home recreational vehicle insurance policies have special “Replacement Cost” coverage. It is highly recommended that you pick replacement cost coverage. That is because “depreciation” doesn’t affect the amount of money you receive. Regardless of whether your vehicle is worn and torn, the insurance service provider will offer you complete replacement. But, these terms and conditions should be discussed with your lender. Make sure you understand what is covered and excluded from your policy. Your Texas RV insurance agent will help you with these details.

Important Components of RV Insurance Coverage

When you buy a Texas RV insurance plan, make sure the following things are considered:

  • Higher coverage limits of liability.
  • Collision coverage that takes care of auto accidents.
  • Comprehensive coverage that takes care of windstorm, fire, flood and theft.
  • Replacement cost coverage instead of actual cash coverage for your recreational vehicle.
  • Medical Pay or personal injury protection
  • Roadside assistance coverage
  • Vacation assistance coverage


There are several circumstances when you can cut-down on the coverage of your recreational vehicle. For example, when you keep the vehicle indoors during winter. This is when you save more bucks and keep your vehicle fully protected.